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    We are a group of 8 guys and we booked true blue golf villas and looking to see what the bed set-up is? We are hoping they are not twin beds…


    You are staying at True blue villas so it is convenient since you’re playing true blue golf course but these are golf villas and each is individually owned by homeowners, it is not a hotel where everything is standard and not every homeowner is in the program and rents out their condo/villa. Also homeowners that are in the program can opt out any time, and bookings can be switched so the management company assigns villas a couple days prior to arrival. And this is when villa assignments are locked in – so the management company cannot guarantee anything but does guarantee that there will be enough beds for the number of players booked. And because each homeowner can decorate the way they want, some villas have twins, full beds and queens and a mixture of beds. This information really is standard for villa/condos in this area and the Myrtle Beach area except if you book with a Sheraton or Marriott.

    With that said it seems that Pawleys Plantation has more full beds than other villas in the area. I can check with availability on this but you guys are not playing this course and it is nice that you’re playing True Blue and staying on the resort.

    I can also request the management company to try to have full or queen beds for you guys..

    I know this is a lot of information and you just want to have what you are requesting but I feel like it is important to explain the process in the area…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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